About The Canoe Project

See around the bend

Heather’s parents taught her that you have to pay attention to the environment around you, the direction of the clouds, the movement on the banks, the ripples in the current downstream. Close observation can help you get where you’re going faster and help you dodge disaster or prepare for turbulence. At TCP, Heather helps leaders see around the bend. Her leadership coaching program teaches executives to better observe their environments and pick up the signals that are always there, if you look for them. Good leaders don’t get swept along by change, but rather steer their boats with foresight, thoughtfulness, and skill.

Find your rhythm

What happens when you add another person to your canoe? If you’re not in rhythm with each other, it’s easy to find yourself spinning in circles. Communication between teammates is essential for a smooth ride, but so often a lack of trust, a lack of clarity, or a lack of empathy can leave folks paddling at odds. To build strong teams, you need to take into consideration the strengths, weaknesses, and unique needs of every person involved and cultivate an environment where they can speak up, ask questions, and feel valued. Inclusive culture is an essential component of The Canoe Project, because without it, it’s hard to get the whole team pulling in the same direction. Inclusive culture is about diversity of staff, yes, but it’s also about creating the type of environment where colleagues can have honest conversations, share feedback, and improve together. This benefits folks who have traditionally been left out of decisions the most, but at the end of the day, everyone is better for it.

Grow smart, go far

Imagine stringing a second canoe next to yours, and then imagine conflicting captains paddling in opposite directions. How far will you get? When companies expand, through mergers, acquisitions, or explosive, rapid-fire hiring, confusion and resentment can easily build. TCP supports companies in developing growth strategies that incorporate empathy and communication. A bad merger or acquisition can lead to years of damage and a decimated culture for both companies. Good growth--that respects people at every level and removes ego from the mix--is possible with the right frameworks and systems. Because Heather has observed growth go bad from every level, from the assistant’s desk to the C-suite, she can help you make a plan to get your canoes paddling in the same direction.

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