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Our 10 Week Mindful Managers Program

Being good at your job as an individual contributor, or reaching a senior level does not automatically make you a good manager. Being a good manager requires specialized skills and behaviors that some people have naturally, but most of us need to learn, and all of us need to practice. We believe being a manager is more about building relationships that help your folks thrive than about staying on top of a task list. Doing this requires communication, connection and above all else, empathy. Our 10 Week Mindful Managers Program develops those skills in a psychologically safe setting allowing you to explore and experiment with new concepts, new styles of communication and a support system as you grow.

Our Mindful Managers series is grounded in the emotional intelligence framework and can be customized to your organization's specific expectations of a manager.

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    Our 10 Week Mindful Managers Program is

  • Virtually-hosted, Instructor-led
  • Paced to engage your new manager muscles and practice behaviors with tight feedback loops.
  • Includes multiple modes of learning: Individual work, peer pods and group sessions.
  • Designed for your culture and your team. Modularized to fit into your business schedules.
  • Post-training communication with recommendations for implementing leadership behaviors and skills

Our Audience/s

  • The manager and the manager-curious
  • Founders leading early stage organizations
  • Anyone who leads a team inside your organization


    Creating psychological safety and trust
  • Goal frameworks
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication skills
    Aligning leadership to business needs
  • HR fundamentals in management
  • Developmental and performative feedback

Modules We Offer

This syllabus is flexible based on your needs, and sessions may evolve as we learn more about how the group learns and where their energy and curiosity goes.

Module 1:What Exactly Am I Signing Up For?

What does being a manager entail? What is the training going to be like? Can I do this job? Should I do this?

Module 2: It Starts With You

We’ll introduce an emotional intelligence framework, reflect on the importance of self awareness and self regulation and create short and longer term goals addressing growth in these areas.

Module 3:Tick Tock

Managing your time and energy as a manager can be difficult. We identify the demands on your time as a manager, seen and unseen labor, the toll of emotional labor, and the value of delegation.

Module 4: You don’t have to be perfect

We used to be heroes… Going from a high performing individual contributor to a new manager can be a huge shift in how we think of our identity. In this session we make space for personal vulnerability as we navigate feelings from perfectionism to imposter syndrome.

Module 5: Get the message across

Using our EI framework we consider communication styles and being “others aware” in delivering crucial conversations.

Module 6: Tell it like it is

Generously giving and receiving effective feedback. Different types of feedback and communication preferences.

Module 7: Deep DEIB

Getting clear on the definitions and historical context of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Module 8:Transformational Inclusion

In our second conversation on DEIB we’ll unpack how these concepts impact our personal lives, and how we manage others at work.

Module 9: Guard Rails. Rules, rules, rules

This is our HR overview for managers. We’ll cover boundary setting and resources within your organization, and how to manage personal relationships in a manager/report context.

Module 10: A year in the life

How to be a difference-making manager (how to have successful 1:1s, write reviews, set goals, troubleshoot...). We’ll put our learning to the test with scenarios and role playing within our cohort pods.

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